Introduction: Colloid Spectroscopy


FluidFM has the unique ability to grab colloids and use them as exchangeable AFM probes.

This allows to measure interfacial interactions (pN to nN) using micrometer sized objects as quickly exchangeable probes :

  • Relying purely on gentle suction to grab an object, even liquid and gaseous colloids are in reach for your experiments.
  • Quickly exchange your colloid probe whenever necessary.
  • Buildup solid statistics with many colloid probes at no cost.
  • Measure long-term or irreversible interactions by only using each colloid probe once.

From Dörig et al, Biophysical Journal 105, 2013


Under-pressure is used to grab and fix the beads to the FluidFM pipette. For long term interaction measurements the beads can be spread on the surface previous to measurement for a specified time. The force needed to lift the beads from the surface, measured as deflection of the probe, corresponds to the interaction force. The same bead can be used for consecutive measurements or easily be replaced by a new one. 

Download Application Note

More details and protocols can be found in the application section.

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