Introduction: Adhesion of single, spread cells


FluidFM has the unique ability to measure the adhesion of spread mammalian cells. This is because only FluidFM can grab cells with the required forces of up to 1 uN to detach spread cells from a surface. 

Of course it can also measure the adhesion forces of other microscopic objects such as yeast cells or colloids. Repeated measurements of the same cell are also supported, as known from standard single cell force spectroscopy (SCFS).



The cell is grabbed with the FluidFM micro pipette by under-pressure and detached from the surface. The adhesion force is precisely recorded during this procedure. A resulting force curve is shown at the end of the video below.

This video is based on a protocol developed at ETH Zürich in the lab of Prof. Julia Vorholt for yeast and mammalian cells.

Download Application note

Experimental details and protocols can be found in the application section.

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