Typical FluidFM Setup

Components of a FluidFM system: 

This picture shows the 6 typical components of a FluidFM setup.



1 FluidFM operates on any standard inverted microscope with a camera. The AFM compatible sample stage can optionally be motorized.

2 The FlexAFM scan head from Nanosurf is the base of the FluidFM setup. The FluidFM specific parts include: 

  • The FluidFM Probeholder which is magnetically fixed to the AFM.
  • An easy to use CytoClip holds the FluidFM cantilever
  • The Pneumatic connector links the cantilever tubing with the pressure controller.

3 The pressure source and controller allow to control the liquid in the FluidFM cantilever with -800 to +1000 mbar. 

4 The barcode reader scans the FluidFM probe and loads it automatically into the software.

5 An anti vibration table is recommended for the best experiment results.

All these instruments are controlled with ARYA - the intuitive and beginner-friendly FluidFM software which is delivered with its own PC and touchscreen (6).

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