Cleaning a FluidFM probe between cell measurements

To remove cell debris from the FluidFM probe a cleaning step is possible between two measurements. Both the CytoClip and glue are made of PMMA, which ensures resistance to a wide range of solvents, acids and bases.  

We recommend these cleaning solutions:

  • Bleach (5% Sodium Hypochlorite): Bleach cleans your probe very fast and thoroughly. The downside is that it has to be handled with care and can corrode your equipment.
  • Terg-a-zyme: Reliable, enzyme-based cleaning solution. Slower than bleach, but gentle to your equipment.

The cleaning can then be performed as follows:

  • Leave the probe on the AFM. Use petridishes containing the different cleaning and rinsing solutions and simply place your AFM on top.
  • Dip the probe 5 to 60 s in bleach, or 30+ s in Terg-a-zyme. Avoid bleach contact with the FluidFM pneumatic connector, as it can degrade the O-Ring, which causes leaks.
  • Clean probe channel inside: You can also clean the probe inside by sucking in a bit of the cleaning solution for a few seconds.
  • Dip the probe at least once in filtered ddH2O water.
  • Renew the coating: Any probe coating is degraded by this cleaning step. Renew the coating if you rely on one for your experiment.

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