Preparing a FluidFM experiment

FluidFM is easy to use!

Before starting a FluidFM experiment the system will automatically initialize all hardware components. An easy to follow workflow will then guide you through all necessary preparation steps. Among are:

  • Aligning the infrared laser
  • Measuring the probe spring constant & sensitivity
  • Filling the probe

The elegant software is simple and helps you with visual indicators where appropriate. We support you for example during the cantilever filling process. Here an image subtraction allows you to see smallest contrast changes, caused by the water entering the FluidFM probe.


Online guides give detailed insights on each workflow step and can be accessed anytime from within the software. 

Once the FluidFM setup is prepared you can start an experiment by using predefined workflows or directly control the connected instruments using the FluidFM Operator software. The experiment is automatically saved and can be exported or reviewed in ARYA.

More information on the ARYA software and its features can be found in the software section.

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