FluidFM Rapid Prototype Probes

If you need a special probe opening geometry, we can offer you these "raw" probes for rapid prototyping, which are not listed in our webshop due to the customization.

Here the integrated channel is not yet open. This gives you the option to shape the pyramid and its opening with focused ion beam (FIB) in your FIB facility.

It is also possible that we mill the probes for you (price on request).

Ideas on how to use these custom probes are given in recent FluidFM publications:

Single cell injection with FluidFM

From Guillaume-Gentil et al., Small 9, 2013. A 300 nm triangular opening is FIB drilled into one edge of the pyramid to inject liquids into the core of a mammalian cell.


Highly controlled lithography in liquid environment

From Grueter et al., Nanoscale 5, 2013. The pyramid opening angle is adjusted with FIB, such that an optimal seal during lithography is achieved.



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