FluidFM probe blister pack

Each cantilever is delivered to you in a dedicated blister pack.

Top and bottom view of a FluidFM blister pack


Clean & Robust:

  • Aluminum cover: The aluminum cover keeps your probe sealed and clean from dust until you need it.
  • Polymer base: The PET-GAG polymer assures transport safety and allows the long-term storage of your FluidFM probes.


  • Coating in the blister: A cavity around the cantilever was specifically designed to allow the custom coating of the cantilever with only a few hundred ul of coating solution.
  • Cleaning in the blister: Remove the aluminum foil and treat the blister including the cantilever with your plasma cleaner.


  • Type: See the type of your cantilever directly on the package
  • Unique Identity: The serial number gives your cantilever a unique identity. The LOT number indicates the wafer batch of your cantilever. 
  • QR code: Scan it with your barcode reader to get all the information about your cantilever (including an SEM picture) directly from our servers.

Typical information on your cantilever

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