The FluidFM cantilever chip is glued to a dedicated polymer clip, the CytoClip. The CytoClip has three functions:

  • Assuring the reliable pneumatic connection to the pressure source.
  • A stable fixation of the chip tho the AFM probeholder
  • The safe and easy tool-free handling of the FluidFM chip. 

CytoClip mounted on probeholder

Dimensions 20 x 16 x 8 mm
Material  PMMA
Reservoir up to 15 ul
Dead volume 0.5 ul


Resistance to chemical agents

Both glue and clip are made of PMMA, therefore very resistant to many solvents, acids and bases. As the probe chip is even more resistant, the clip is nevertheless the limiting factor.

Attached a PDF of Erikson, a PMMA manufacturer, which contains information on the resistance of PMMA to chemical agents. 

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