Storing a FluidFM probe

After an experiment you might want store the probe for further use.

There are two possible ways to store your used FluidFM probes depending of how they were used:

Use in liquid medium -> store in liquid

The probe was used in a liquid medium such as cell buffer or water. It now should also be stored in water.

  • Store the probe in distilled, filtered water with added 2% antibiotic and antimycotic solution (Sigmaaldrich, A5955).
  • We recommend to use multiwell plates with 24 wells to store the CytoClip upside down. This ensures that the probe stays hydrated, while the CytoClip-reservoir is not diluted

  • Make sure the probe never dries out during the storage period and also refill the reservoir of the probe (with lab-grade water) periodically
  • The coating (if any) has to be reapplied for the next experiment


Use in air -> store in humid air

For spotting in air the probe is typically filled with glycerol or another liquid which does not evaporate quickly. This allows you to store the probe in a highly humid environment: 

The following video illustrates this:

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