Filling the FluidFM probe

Filling protocol
Clean gloves should be worn at all times.

  • Fix the CytoClip with the FluidFM probe onto the probeholder
  • Fill 5 μl of the liquid into the container of the CytoClip with a pipette. We recommend to use distilled, degassed and filtered water (Instructions for this can be found here).
  • Link the pneumatic connector to the CytoClip
  • Place the magnetic probeholder onto the AFM
  • Plug the pneumatic connector to the AFM
  • Place the AFM on the inverted microscope
  • Connect the pressure source to the AFM
  • Observe the probe in air through the microscope
  • Apply 1 Bar of pressure
  • Wait until a drop builds on the probe. Attention: No drop builds if the probe was plasma cleaned. However, a slight change of reflectivity/contrast is visible around the probe ending.
  • Immerse the probe in the liquid of the desired petridish
  • Release pressure

Filling with more than 1 Bar

Depending of your application it can be necessary to apply pressures above 1 bar during the filling procedure.

We recommend you to use a 5 ml syringe as manual pressure source. You can connect it to our standard silicon tubing via a 1/16 Inch Luer fitting.

We offer an optional three way valve kit, including the fittings, which allows you to quickly change between your syringe and the pressure controller.

The following Video illustrates the filling process:

Other liquids:

If you fill the FluidFM probe with solutions containing salt or particles any drying should be avoided as this can cause clogging and disable the probe irreversibly.

Optional fluorescent tracer:
For FluidFM nano pipettes, or custom probes with openings below 1 um, water will not exit the opening with 1 bar of pressure in air. A fluorescent tracer, such as FITC, can be added to the water to monitor the probe filling progress using epi-fluorescence.

The drying of the probe has to be avoided when using a tracer, as this will cause the clogging of the opening.


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